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91 Lemons

91 Lemons

Lemon OG is a Hybrid. Typically, 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. Super Lemon Haze comes at the top of this list of lemon strains because of its sweet and tart, lemony tastes and aromas.


91 Lemons is a locally bred combination of Lemon Tree and Chem 91. Lemon Tree is a balanced hybrid made by crossing Lemon Skunk and Sour Diesel that provides a robust flavor profile that tastes like fresh lemons with a hint of diesel. Chem 91 is a legendary east coast cut from the illustrious East Coast cultivator Chemdog. Chem 91 is an offshoot of the original chemdog strain and is believed to have come into existence after Chemdog popped a seed that came from a bag found at a Grateful Dead show in 1991.

This hybrid has a distinct diesel smell with light citrus notes on the backend. These two iconic strains combine to create a cerebral buzz inducing sativa leaning hybrid with a delicious terpene profile.

The tasty citrus notes and diesel undertones make for a great day.

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